Monday, June 18, 2012

Sapporo PENNY LANE24 Final

Penny Lane, final!

Sapporo, this place where we went out for our final show of the tour was the best.
This place is the kindest livehouse in Japan that we aimed for.
From the dressing room, the stage, the staff, everyone, we could feel everything in this place.

For 2 days, thank you♪

In this warm town, the best night in Japan was spent together with the people that we can boast about.

There were many things we wanted to say
Many people we wanted to meet
And scenery there that we wanted to show

This is the only reason.
With everyone that I love
Always, over and over, I want to be moved.
I want to dream and I want to have magic cast upon me.

Music is something that can't be seen
A dream is a positive word that is abused and aren't fragments of reality.
There is no magic that is a ridiculous fairy tale; I've known that for a long time.
Everything is vague and something that nobody really knows.

Someone who can't live without music; for those people, it's not worthless noise.

And, for me, I have no choice but to be in a band.
As I thought, this is the only thing that expresses me.

After this
We'll be steadily creating new songs and going to meet everyone,
So the members will again be whole.
That's right,
We're doing a fall hall tour♪
We're going to a lot of places again.
Check out our homepage for more details, okay.

Everyone who came out again on this tour,
Everyone who supported us but couldn't come,
As always, thank you.

We stayed the courseー!!!!!!!!

Our wonderful staff.
Thank you for always shining.
Apologies for the harsh schedule, but please continue to keep us in your favor.
You guys are cool.

It was a one month story of mischievous magic and being in a daze.

Well, let's begin!


2012-06-18 00:06:47

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.