Saturday, June 30, 2012


We had a photo shoot from early morning.I tried to do an emphasis on curling my hair.

Today we did half of the location♪
It was pretty sunny,
So what you could see was wonderfulー! haha
I was worried about getting sunburned.
I'm probably still fine.
I like summer, but it's better after the sun sets.
A type that's like a painting when the rays of sun are strong.
I can't speak of such selfishness.

All told,
Speaking noisily
While advancing forward as always,
I have a feeling that I've made more wonderful sheets of music than usual.
This summer I want to jump over the best imaginable. In all cases.
Things to do, things to say, things to imagine.
As we change and evolve, our hearts and bodies grow stronger. The whole team.

Come to think of it,
Reading your comments, I wonder, of the students, whether there are people with tests coming up soonー?
For a change of pace, I'd be happy if you listen to our songs.

The true thing is probably 『Do your best.』. You're in your school days, right? That's what I've been thinking lately.
People that are too busy and are incompatible one way or another with school, and people that can take their time studying; there are probably many types,
But energy is the only thing to do now.
I think it's like magic.

Irritating things and things that frustrate you
They're there every day,
But it's fine when things don't go the way you want them to.
The power and charm that the you right now only have is always there.
That great effort will unexpectedly be seen by someone somewhere, and it'll be recognized.
One by one is more than enough.

Do your best!


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We were at J-WAVEー♪
Today was another radio day.
Fukawa Ryou-san's program.
Our second time onー!
The previous time was when all of us had black hair, so today he snapped at us about our hairーhaha
That was surprising.
But it's a change, and it's not bad.
The us that everyone likes that had begun to change is definitely more fun.
That's what I thinkー. Yep.

Being called out to the same programs over again
Really does make me happy.
Whatever radio station, TV station, interviewer, there are many warmhearted people.
Somehow it's amusing when music lovers gather together.
There might be some talks with ordinary feelings,
But in that sort of feeling, we laughed a lot.

After that,
The members went out to Shibuya.
So MAMI and I had tea.
We don't really talk about significant things
But we do a lot while on tour.
It's steadily becoming a legend.
It's a weird feelingー.

Then I dropped by the beauty salon Risel.
I was there for a bit♪
I have to go to sleep early tonight!


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Friday, June 29, 2012


Korean cooking!

Recently me and the beloved Nami Tamaki
ate something extremely hot.
A meal!
Sorry for the after meal picture ww*
We asked for the nabe, neither of us showed any interest in the tofu w
Therefore, the tofu remained intact w

I like spicy stuff,
We added the particular flavour to the udon and the shiro until it got really red.
From shichimi, a unique flavour.
Straight spices, I like!

Well then, soon it'll be July.
but it looks like the beginning of many rainy days too ><
Ah, I want to set off fireworks!
I want to go to festivals!
I want to wear yukata!

Although, I like winter. ←


2012-06-29 00:00:51

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A stimulating nice-to-meet-you

Today we did recordings for all kinds of programs all day.

At Happy Music,
I finally met Yasei Bakudan-san.

I've always really liked them.
I said to Kawashima-san, 『I like you.』! haha
And he said, 『Change that.』!
I was delighted.←
Today too was happy. Yep yep.

Wahーit was fun.
A performance and talk segment in a new, flashy summer-like feeling.
Many things are fully evolving. Look forward to them.\

The smell of a Japanese-style room is calming.


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It looks like the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in Harry Potter!

I like sweets from overseas because they're cute.

2012-06-28 11:39:29

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From that legend, in just 9 months

Cheering me up

The miracle of a unit



R e s t a r t s !!!

Yep we're backー

This time it's produced by SCHA DARA PARR's ANI-san


We invited a guest: our familiar friend AFRA-san in Human Beat Box



Human Beat Box's AFRA-san



We also had Dassen Trio's ROBOCHU--san participate 


Coming this far is elegance

The first time around was a joke

It's thanks to them

A numbing, yearned after song has been completed

7.11 release 「Taiyou Scandalous」 Special Unit Edition B's coupling song

「Cherry Jam」

Be a witness to the moment a new history is engraved!!!!!


2012-06-28 01:14:11

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bus stop conciliation

Lately we've been running around from morning to night.
Today we started out at SSTV.
We did a lot of talks♪
After that we covered stuff, had photo shoots, recorded comments, etc.
These kinds of days seem to be continuing for a little bit longer.
Being able to meet all kinds of people and being able to convey feelings is wonderful, today too.

Here in this several day period,
After everything's over and I return home, I have a secret enjoyment.
That is watching my favorite TV series from a while ago.
Continuing to watch my favorite TV series.


『Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi』

Watching that.

I enjoy it too much every time,
And finishing watching it is too wasteful.
I'm trying to make it last,
And today I finally finished watching an episode that was broadcast the other day. Kyaー
Have you seen it? It's amazing. Yep.

I really, really, really, greatly approve of the MVS this time. Very satisfied.
I laughed too much.
It was a cute conversation, the kid's.
What the kids said when they came out was awesome!
I wonder if humans are the most interesting when they're children.
The peak of sense is when they're kindergarten, definitely.
Adults, for better or worse, are smart.
Nevertheless, interesting people really are amazing!
Matsumoto Hitoshi-san isn't God,
But the twenty-year-old me thinks so!
Haーa great night. haha


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Towards summer

Today was a radio day.
We did recordings for TFM and NACK5!
We had a recording with familiar music people at NACK5.
It was fun this time too♪
Taiyou Scandalous,
I'd be happy if it reaches all kinds of people.
There's a fairly good chance people could mistake it for "Taiyou Scandal,"
But it is "Scandalous." haha

After that,
We thought we had one hour of free time, so the members went to eat pasta

We had misunderstood something and didn't have time for that,
And it felt like we ate everything in about 10 seconds. We gulped it down

For band-men,
I have a feeling that being on tour is the healthiest living you can have. haha
Though our tour just finished, I want to hurry up and play lives.

This year we're proactively going out to summer festivals, so come out, okay!
Summer really does mean festivals, doesn't it♪


2012-06-27 17:52:15

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Do you like dagashi?

On our recent livehouse tour
I found dagashi!
When SCA-chan is on the road, I love going to dagashi shops for dagashi!
My favorite is,
And Dondon Yaki
And Chocobat
There are still many more that I like!

Dagashi is nostalgicー.
When I was little
There were even more types and shops
It was funー(*´ω`*)
I don't want the existing dagashi shops now
To die out (;ω;`) 
As the city grows
You don't really see any of them><

Next time if I happen to see one, I'll go(*´ω`*)



2012-06-25 23:28:56

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Triangle fantasy

Drawing in powerful energy

A complete spot.

I wonder if you can understand it, the perception of this sensation.
When you see a space like this, you have to go to it.
A triangle zone is where a dreaming girl forever wants to be in.

・・・ehー, well then,
While we usual idiots seriously do pointless things, we seriously do things that we like.
Today was a morning-to-evening-recording day.
Moving, stopping, talking, writing.
Soon you'll be able to see a lot of them in magazines, TV, web, etc.
Look forward to it♪

We'll do our best tomorrow tooー.


2012-06-25 20:47:08 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wagging tail

We woke up early today and had recordings for commercials that'll be streamed on KBC, etc.,
We filmed a lot of comments♪
I think there'll be many that'll be shown in Fukuoka this year too.

After that,
We went to a special event somewhere in Tokyo!
A talk show+a screening of the Budokan live, etc.
We did it twice in one dayー!

Thank you for coming out on this long-awaited Sunday with good weather!
Even though there were only a few number of people in the lottery that could fit into the studio,
I was surprised at the staggering number people gathered at the satellite location.
That passion of everyone's has again made me happy. I can do my best.
I was happy that people that still have yet to come out to a live of ours were there too.
I want you to come out to our fall hall tour!
I want our friends to increase even more!

And then,
The Budokan live movie on-air date has been decided♪
07/22 23:00~
The excitement of that day once again!
Everyone who couldn't come,
Finally with this matching memories will increase. Watch WOWOW!

Ah, I'll upload photos of yesterday・today's hairstylesー.

Yesterday was a ponytail, tightly wrapped around and spreading sideways

Today was a ponytail with a small ribbon wrapped around on top

Only pins are holding it upー♪

I'm addicted to simple, easy hair arrangementsー.
If anyone has a recommendation, could you tell me?

From there, today,
I used the skirt I received from the always indebted to ScoLar that we went to the other day for our KERA serializationー!
It's in Shibuya PARCO, so interested people can try to go♪
It hasn't been used in the magazine yet so I think the same thing should be there!

Well then, good night.


2012-06-24 22:18:32

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Sunday, June 24, 2012


MTV 「VIDEO MUSIC AWARD JAPAN 2012」 has finished!


Our second time at the VMAJs.
It was the same best event!
A showtime packed with wonderfulness, powerfulness, and fantasticness.
It really was too much funー♪
It was amazingー!!!


Everyone at the venue and everyone in front of the TV
Thank you very much for the long amount of time!
And everyone who won,
Congratulations! *applause*


Ah, we were able to see Joann, whom we haven't seen in a while!


As I expected, we exploded today too. haha
Three more weeks until she's an adult♪
She's still not of age. Amazing.

And then we received Coke!
Drinking from a glass bottle is very summer festival-like. Delicious. Carbonic acid love.

Our good friends Perfume were also coolー♪
We talked to them occasionally backstageー.
Nice work as MCs!

The VMAJs are a party.
So everyone had on flashier than usual clothes with hair and makeup♪


Ahー, music is great.
Although it can be awkward
But I really thought it was such a thing tonight.


Let's go home




2012-06-23 22:39:27

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Something new

I went to Risel yesterday♪

My nails had a nice length until now,
But this time they were reset with a single cut.

My new nails are like this.

A deep pinkー!
Very summeryー.

Ah, that's right.
There might be people that already know
But we're recruiting music video directors for the coupling unit songs on our next single♪
There's a special page for it,
So any interested people should try and participate!

I want to make a cute video♪
I hope we canー.
Ah, but I'm waiting for a carefree, rapid challenge!

It's up to you!


2012-06-22 17:27:20

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Friday, June 22, 2012


Everyoneーっ, we've successfully finished our tourーっ!
Everyone who participated in this tour, and everyone who helped out, thank you very muchーっ!
It was so much fun. We felt a lot of love.

As I thought, I love music!
Yepーっ, my happiness♪

Then, there's been no time to rest and I've been going all over the place‥

Today I had a photo shoot for KERAーっ\(^o^)/
Since it'll have our usual serialization plus a fashion page I'll be published in a bit
‥Check out next month's KERA.

Well, lately I've been addicted to using emoticons as a farewell.

When I'm happy and also when I'm sad, I use this.


2012-06-21 23:20:25 

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Great legs

Our idol, Futto-kun.

He mainly appears when we're on tour,
And he disappears like the wind.
Especially during rehearsals he watches over us like a guardian, with warm, nostalgic eyes brimming with love.
Nothing can start without him.
We can't concentrate on anything.
We can't see anything.
We can't feel anything.
He is SCANDAL's past, present, and future.
Representing like this,
Whatever anyone says, it's undoubtably an exaggeration.

I think it's a good time to let the readers with a slight interest in him learn about him.
Lifting the first ban today!
We'll tell you of Futto-kun's private life in these total coverage documents, delivering it together with still images.
Well then, I wonder if he's ready to become a captive.

First are the family members he cares about.

A peaceful three member family.
Hanging on his left arm looks to be a BABY. Not a sponge.
And standing next to him is his wife.
Not his husband.

Ignoring the BABY, they have trivial fights.

A peaceful three member family.

According to a survey,
Apparently he prefers traveling alone.

Summer, of course, means swimming in the ocean.
Though it's just a glimpse, here's Futto swimming without worry.

He's not buried in sand.

In contrast to his appearance, Futto is gluttonous.

Time to regain the boy's eyes.
Gyoza is the best!

Manly, greedily devouring the freshest, best beef tongue in the world; this is also the best!

Essential to maintain his style,

Bowling with all of his strength.

When he satisfies his stomach and heart
Getting sleepy is his only weakness that didn't change when he became an adult.

Dreaming of a rock band.

Waking or sleeping

He's dreaming of a rock band.

Even for the fall hall tour, our expectations will only expand even more.
Thank you, Futto-kun.

...what is this.


2012-06-21 19:50:52

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A little late but
A total of 17 stops
We were able to successfully complete!!
Everyone who came to see us,
Everyone who had warm voices
Really, thank youー!!
I always think about this,
But we're not complete without everyone,
So tours and lives are wonderful!!
In Hokkaido, a fish congratulated us too♪lol

Diーng haha
Ahー, it was a tour where were looked back on our intial resolutions.
I don't feel as if the tour has ended
"Huh? Where are we going to next?"
It's kind of like that right now haha
The body, the heart, playing lives, moving, lives
There's still some way to go before I calm down. lol
Yesterday I watched the Budokan recording,
At the end, the audience was applauding!!
Those smiles are our power, our gasoline
Everyone who followed us, thank you.
This is just the beginning! lol

I saw TOMOMI's blog
The uchiage pictures hahahaha
In one photo of me
The result of biting into a chocolate cake, ahー hahaha
My lips look crazy hahaha

I was able to recall a lot of things!!!
It was fun!
I want to play a live! Kyao!!

Starting in October, another hall tour is starting.
The powered-up us
Want you to look forward to it☆
We'll do itー!

See you later!


2012-06-21 12:13:55

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A little late but
Everyone who came out to the LIVE IDO LIVE TOUR
Thank you very much!!!
I feel that on this tour
I also like domestic Japanese Black wagyu steak, but you can depend on tamago kake gohan
Timo thinks that nothing surpasses tamago kake gohan
A simple style that's the best
Our starting point was a livehouse

Well, no matter what I say, when I can't eat domestic Wagyu, I cry. Pu

Since writing out a long entry would be dull
I wonder if I should post those uchiage photos I mentioned a while ago
It's a big service

Doesn't it look fun

But you know, "uchiage" is awfully important
Even though we joke around, it turns into a talk of dreams; it gets hot
Somehow, when we're happy, everyone cries
I wonder what the staff is thinking right now
I wonder what kinds of thoughts we had on this tour
We'll talk about those things and face the next live
That's why "uchiage" is something wonderfulー. Yep yep

2012-06-21 08:28:47 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today we had a photo shoot.

Continuing with yesterday's recording for Shindou Moto Kyoudai,
We were together again with Nishikawa-ani!

We did something for 「Areru Kokka Touitsu Kurabu Z」,
Nishikawa-ani's serialization in CD&DL Data.
We were called out as guests for it♪
I'm happy.
He's really kind, awesome, and great.
For some reason, it seemed like I was really hooked on toying with something.←
Tonight was terribleー. haha

It comes out on 7/14, so check it out!

The acclaimed KERA now on sale.

This month's serialization page was left in charge of RINA.
Summer clothes are cute, aren't they?
Since I basically like light clothing,
Western clothing and summer are more fun♪
We went to Shibuya PARCO's ScoLar and coordinated a lot of clothes!
The employees were nice and the store had a good atmosphere♪
Check it out if you'd like!

Since it's getting warm
I've been wearing my hair in a bunー.
It's pleasant♪


2012-06-20 22:13:09

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