Friday, June 22, 2012

Great legs

Our idol, Futto-kun.

He mainly appears when we're on tour,
And he disappears like the wind.
Especially during rehearsals he watches over us like a guardian, with warm, nostalgic eyes brimming with love.
Nothing can start without him.
We can't concentrate on anything.
We can't see anything.
We can't feel anything.
He is SCANDAL's past, present, and future.
Representing like this,
Whatever anyone says, it's undoubtably an exaggeration.

I think it's a good time to let the readers with a slight interest in him learn about him.
Lifting the first ban today!
We'll tell you of Futto-kun's private life in these total coverage documents, delivering it together with still images.
Well then, I wonder if he's ready to become a captive.

First are the family members he cares about.

A peaceful three member family.
Hanging on his left arm looks to be a BABY. Not a sponge.
And standing next to him is his wife.
Not his husband.

Ignoring the BABY, they have trivial fights.

A peaceful three member family.

According to a survey,
Apparently he prefers traveling alone.

Summer, of course, means swimming in the ocean.
Though it's just a glimpse, here's Futto swimming without worry.

He's not buried in sand.

In contrast to his appearance, Futto is gluttonous.

Time to regain the boy's eyes.
Gyoza is the best!

Manly, greedily devouring the freshest, best beef tongue in the world; this is also the best!

Essential to maintain his style,

Bowling with all of his strength.

When he satisfies his stomach and heart
Getting sleepy is his only weakness that didn't change when he became an adult.

Dreaming of a rock band.

Waking or sleeping

He's dreaming of a rock band.

Even for the fall hall tour, our expectations will only expand even more.
Thank you, Futto-kun.

...what is this.


2012-06-21 19:50:52

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.