Friday, June 22, 2012


A little late but
A total of 17 stops
We were able to successfully complete!!
Everyone who came to see us,
Everyone who had warm voices
Really, thank youー!!
I always think about this,
But we're not complete without everyone,
So tours and lives are wonderful!!
In Hokkaido, a fish congratulated us too♪lol

Diーng haha
Ahー, it was a tour where were looked back on our intial resolutions.
I don't feel as if the tour has ended
"Huh? Where are we going to next?"
It's kind of like that right now haha
The body, the heart, playing lives, moving, lives
There's still some way to go before I calm down. lol
Yesterday I watched the Budokan recording,
At the end, the audience was applauding!!
Those smiles are our power, our gasoline
Everyone who followed us, thank you.
This is just the beginning! lol

I saw TOMOMI's blog
The uchiage pictures hahahaha
In one photo of me
The result of biting into a chocolate cake, ahー hahaha
My lips look crazy hahaha

I was able to recall a lot of things!!!
It was fun!
I want to play a live! Kyao!!

Starting in October, another hall tour is starting.
The powered-up us
Want you to look forward to it☆
We'll do itー!

See you later!


2012-06-21 12:13:55

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.