Friday, June 22, 2012



A little late but
Everyone who came out to the LIVE IDO LIVE TOUR
Thank you very much!!!
I feel that on this tour
I also like domestic Japanese Black wagyu steak, but you can depend on tamago kake gohan
Timo thinks that nothing surpasses tamago kake gohan
A simple style that's the best
Our starting point was a livehouse

Well, no matter what I say, when I can't eat domestic Wagyu, I cry. Pu

Since writing out a long entry would be dull
I wonder if I should post those uchiage photos I mentioned a while ago
It's a big service

Doesn't it look fun

But you know, "uchiage" is awfully important
Even though we joke around, it turns into a talk of dreams; it gets hot
Somehow, when we're happy, everyone cries
I wonder what the staff is thinking right now
I wonder what kinds of thoughts we had on this tour
We'll talk about those things and face the next live
That's why "uchiage" is something wonderfulー. Yep yep

2012-06-21 08:28:47 

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.