Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today we had a photo shoot.

Continuing with yesterday's recording for Shindou Moto Kyoudai,
We were together again with Nishikawa-ani!

We did something for 「Areru Kokka Touitsu Kurabu Z」,
Nishikawa-ani's serialization in CD&DL Data.
We were called out as guests for it♪
I'm happy.
He's really kind, awesome, and great.
For some reason, it seemed like I was really hooked on toying with something.←
Tonight was terribleー. haha

It comes out on 7/14, so check it out!

The acclaimed KERA now on sale.

This month's serialization page was left in charge of RINA.
Summer clothes are cute, aren't they?
Since I basically like light clothing,
Western clothing and summer are more fun♪
We went to Shibuya PARCO's ScoLar and coordinated a lot of clothes!
The employees were nice and the store had a good atmosphere♪
Check it out if you'd like!

Since it's getting warm
I've been wearing my hair in a bunー.
It's pleasant♪


2012-06-20 22:13:09

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.