Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bus stop conciliation

Lately we've been running around from morning to night.
Today we started out at SSTV.
We did a lot of talks♪
After that we covered stuff, had photo shoots, recorded comments, etc.
These kinds of days seem to be continuing for a little bit longer.
Being able to meet all kinds of people and being able to convey feelings is wonderful, today too.

Here in this several day period,
After everything's over and I return home, I have a secret enjoyment.
That is watching my favorite TV series from a while ago.
Continuing to watch my favorite TV series.


『Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi』

Watching that.

I enjoy it too much every time,
And finishing watching it is too wasteful.
I'm trying to make it last,
And today I finally finished watching an episode that was broadcast the other day. Kyaー
Have you seen it? It's amazing. Yep.

I really, really, really, greatly approve of the MVS this time. Very satisfied.
I laughed too much.
It was a cute conversation, the kid's.
What the kids said when they came out was awesome!
I wonder if humans are the most interesting when they're children.
The peak of sense is when they're kindergarten, definitely.
Adults, for better or worse, are smart.
Nevertheless, interesting people really are amazing!
Matsumoto Hitoshi-san isn't God,
But the twenty-year-old me thinks so!
Haーa great night. haha


2012-06-27 00:49:20

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.