Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Towards summer

Today was a radio day.
We did recordings for TFM and NACK5!
We had a recording with familiar music people at NACK5.
It was fun this time too♪
Taiyou Scandalous,
I'd be happy if it reaches all kinds of people.
There's a fairly good chance people could mistake it for "Taiyou Scandal,"
But it is "Scandalous." haha

After that,
We thought we had one hour of free time, so the members went to eat pasta

We had misunderstood something and didn't have time for that,
And it felt like we ate everything in about 10 seconds. We gulped it down

For band-men,
I have a feeling that being on tour is the healthiest living you can have. haha
Though our tour just finished, I want to hurry up and play lives.

This year we're proactively going out to summer festivals, so come out, okay!
Summer really does mean festivals, doesn't it♪


2012-06-27 17:52:15

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes of SH for translate.