Sunday, June 24, 2012


MTV 「VIDEO MUSIC AWARD JAPAN 2012」 has finished!


Our second time at the VMAJs.
It was the same best event!
A showtime packed with wonderfulness, powerfulness, and fantasticness.
It really was too much funー♪
It was amazingー!!!


Everyone at the venue and everyone in front of the TV
Thank you very much for the long amount of time!
And everyone who won,
Congratulations! *applause*


Ah, we were able to see Joann, whom we haven't seen in a while!


As I expected, we exploded today too. haha
Three more weeks until she's an adult♪
She's still not of age. Amazing.

And then we received Coke!
Drinking from a glass bottle is very summer festival-like. Delicious. Carbonic acid love.

Our good friends Perfume were also coolー♪
We talked to them occasionally backstageー.
Nice work as MCs!

The VMAJs are a party.
So everyone had on flashier than usual clothes with hair and makeup♪


Ahー, music is great.
Although it can be awkward
But I really thought it was such a thing tonight.


Let's go home




2012-06-23 22:39:27

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.