Monday, June 25, 2012

Wagging tail

We woke up early today and had recordings for commercials that'll be streamed on KBC, etc.,
We filmed a lot of comments♪
I think there'll be many that'll be shown in Fukuoka this year too.

After that,
We went to a special event somewhere in Tokyo!
A talk show+a screening of the Budokan live, etc.
We did it twice in one dayー!

Thank you for coming out on this long-awaited Sunday with good weather!
Even though there were only a few number of people in the lottery that could fit into the studio,
I was surprised at the staggering number people gathered at the satellite location.
That passion of everyone's has again made me happy. I can do my best.
I was happy that people that still have yet to come out to a live of ours were there too.
I want you to come out to our fall hall tour!
I want our friends to increase even more!

And then,
The Budokan live movie on-air date has been decided♪
07/22 23:00~
The excitement of that day once again!
Everyone who couldn't come,
Finally with this matching memories will increase. Watch WOWOW!

Ah, I'll upload photos of yesterday・today's hairstylesー.

Yesterday was a ponytail, tightly wrapped around and spreading sideways

Today was a ponytail with a small ribbon wrapped around on top

Only pins are holding it upー♪

I'm addicted to simple, easy hair arrangementsー.
If anyone has a recommendation, could you tell me?

From there, today,
I used the skirt I received from the always indebted to ScoLar that we went to the other day for our KERA serializationー!
It's in Shibuya PARCO, so interested people can try to go♪
It hasn't been used in the magazine yet so I think the same thing should be there!

Well then, good night.


2012-06-24 22:18:32

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.