Saturday, June 30, 2012


We were at J-WAVEー♪
Today was another radio day.
Fukawa Ryou-san's program.
Our second time onー!
The previous time was when all of us had black hair, so today he snapped at us about our hairーhaha
That was surprising.
But it's a change, and it's not bad.
The us that everyone likes that had begun to change is definitely more fun.
That's what I thinkー. Yep.

Being called out to the same programs over again
Really does make me happy.
Whatever radio station, TV station, interviewer, there are many warmhearted people.
Somehow it's amusing when music lovers gather together.
There might be some talks with ordinary feelings,
But in that sort of feeling, we laughed a lot.

After that,
The members went out to Shibuya.
So MAMI and I had tea.
We don't really talk about significant things
But we do a lot while on tour.
It's steadily becoming a legend.
It's a weird feelingー.

Then I dropped by the beauty salon Risel.
I was there for a bit♪
I have to go to sleep early tonight!


2012-06-29 22:14:16 

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.