Saturday, July 28, 2012


Thank you to everyone who was in the midst of the heat today!

This kind of day of loving the outdoors in the summer has come. It was just too fun.
Playing our set,
Watching other bands,
And seeing everyone.

There were also bands that I saw live for the first time.
As I thought, no matter what band or live, there's a coolness that must not be seen, is what I thought.
Within the people reading this
If there are people that still haven't seen us live,
I want you to come and see it at least once.
Then, I think you'll want to come again.

I spoke with people in a huff.

One thing that was said to me was,

「You're so paleー!」


I swore in my heart that I would absolutely not get suburned.

In other words, it made me happy.


A feeling of trifling conversing.
Like, you know, yep. You know.
Like that, right?

The crazy live was funー.
It was sparkling.

Watching our live.
It flowed smoothly from the stage after our live,
And our staff told us that
We were happy
「Thank you very much!」, we said.
We spoke again.

One thing that was said to me was,

「You're a drummer girl? That was a really good beat.」


I vowed in my heart that I will absolutely keep playing drums.

It was something like that.

Being in a band is greatー. After all.

「From 7/20(Fri.)~8/31(Fri.)
SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku will be open!!」

☆In commemoration of its opening,
SCANDAL SHOP Blog」 has been established!


2012-07-28 23:39:31 

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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