Sunday, July 08, 2012


The 16th of this month's SCANDAL sponsored event,
Band Yarou Yo! vol.3@AX
We're currently doing rehearsalsー♪

Currently, on my left is FLiP

On my right is SCANDAL

The 7 of us are making sound underground!!

Stereopony wasn't here today,
But our good friends will, as usual, do their performance with all of their might♪
Right now they're in the middle of recording overseas.

A large meeting of girl bandsー.
We're already good friends with most of the girl bandsー. haha
It's something wonderful, yep.

This event is already third one.
I'm happy that we can do it every year,
And it's fun to think about different things every year.
"Let's do it together!"
We're grateful to our band friends for graciously accepting our invitations.

The continuation of music lovers rushing out from different places.
I want to play at bigger festivals each year.

We'll see if this year will be something unprecendented. There are no other events like it.
We'll expect to do this many times, so it's okay to come.

Well then,

A McDonald's party.


2012-07-08 17:49:32

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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