Saturday, July 07, 2012

Tanabata rock

ESP COLORS @ Shinkiba Coast
Everyone who came,
It was nice to meet you today
And everyone who has arrived at this blog, thank you!

It started from early on
Many artists performed one after another
Behind the scenes were ESP students taking a long time through trial and error while also giving support
A live was created with all of the members there.
It makes you strongly reaffirm the things that are important that tend to become commonplace.
It was our third time at this event
But I think it's always a wonderful event every time.

Moreover, I just realized that we've performed the most at this event!
I'm happy♪
It was COLORS' 10th year!
Tonight was very special.

There were food carts outside,
So we tried buying all sorts of things!
I ate taco riceー♪

It was deliciousー!

My drummer friend Hina's band,
Silent Siren was there too♪

It's already been about a year since we've seen each other.
While also being a drummer,
Hina's also a CUTiE model.
I was a fan from the start
And we met when CUTiE called me out to plan a talk.
That's why she knows me really well. haha
Now we're really good friends.
During today's MC, 「This is the first time doing a live with my good friend SCANDAL RINA, so it's a special live to me.」,
Is what she said. It made me feel very warm.
Thank you.

On the car ride back,
We watched a new live video
It was a day with high sprits from beginning to end.


I hope I have a good dream. See you later.


2012-07-07 22:40:54

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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