Friday, July 20, 2012

New Bass


Today SCANDAL SHOP opens! Yayayayayawowowowow

For the many who stood in line in the rain wanting to see it, thank you yeah.!

Those who haven't come, those whose summer vacations haven't ended, you have to come!

Because there are new goods appearing one after the other, please look out for it.

When I can, I will come


It's unexpected but I'm going to introduce a new friend

The bass that was made on the Teena bass making series is complete

The fruit of love from the seniors at ESP who tried their best to build it from the designs submitted by everyone

Well now

This is it

One Two Three

The whole body is covered in a space design

Actually, it appeared at the encore of the previous BandoYarouYo

I wonder if there were people who noticed?

This right,

is the shining fingerboard

A laser shooting out (ah, it's hard to make out)

It's an active* bass, in any case it's full of batteries but

There are no unexpected noises, is not heavy and because I shaved off the elbow guard myself in order for it to fit
My hands will get familiar with it with no trouble

The sound, among all my kids** it has the most solid, sternest feel

It's a new genre

Maybe it'll appear again on another show somewhere


ESP, thank you!

[From 7/20(Friday) SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku OPENs]

To commemorate the opening, [SCANDAL SHOP Blog] has started

2012-07-20 21:50:48 

Credit to macdyne73 at SH for translate.

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