Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday in Sendai,
Triceratops-niisan had a celebratory live!
Everyone who came, thank you very much!☆

15 years...
15 years is amazing!
Not only being a band
But to keep continuing on is a really difficult thing.
It's wonderful. I want to be a cool band like thatー!!
Really, the three of you in Triceratops,
I'm so happy we were able to be present to that momentー!!
We received lots of learning and lots of excitement
And lots of smiles☆

On 7.11, NAOTO-san of ORANGE RANGE produced
Single, Taiyou Scandalous (Praised and on sale)
Essential for summer! Sparkling song♪
It only was just released, but...
In September!
Wada Sho-san of TRICERATOPS
「Pin Heel Surfer」
Is releasing!!!!
Actually, at yesterday's live
Is where we first played it to the public.
Somehow, with Wada Sho-san participating,
It's something specialーーー!!
The wind is blowing for SCA-chan more than ever before!
A stylish song you can dance to!!
Look forward to itー!!☆

Ahー, it was a wonderful night. Yep.
Again, the day after tomorrow on 7.16 at AX
「Band Yarou Yo! vol.3」 is being held!!
It looks like it'll turn out to be another great live!!
It'll be a live unlike any you've seen beforeー!!
Come out to see it, okay☆

One photo to close.
Wada Sho shopping.

Is he going to make curry?←
(I was forcibly made to carry potatoes and carrots lol)


2012-07-14 19:08:19 

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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