Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Right here, right now

We suddenly came to Fukuoka. Yoo-hooー
We really do come here pretty oftenー.
Today and tomorrow we're jacking different parts of Fukuoka. TV.radio.magazines.etc...
Today we did recordings and interviews.

07/24 (Tue.) FM Fukuoka Hyper Night GOW!! 16:30~20:45 
07/28 (Sat.) FM Fukuoka TREASURE TIMES 20:00~20:30

Out on 7/28 「Monthly Kurume」 opening pages

Whoever is in the region and can see/watch, please check it out♪

After this, we're doing a live performance for KBC's Duomo!

In the morning tomorrow,
We'll be on KBC's Asa Desu.
Then we'll be on KBC's Sawada Deーsu
For a live performance♪
We'll be on 4 live radio recordings!
We'll put up notifications on Twitter♪
Everyone, follow me at @scandal_rinaー!

Well then,
Time for rehearsalー!



2012-07-03 23:27:00

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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