Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Before the Apple Juice

After a long time today was a day I could take it easy.
So I went casually to the office.

Monday's wind was blowing.

After that,
I met with staff whom I'm close to.
How many months has it been?
We drove to Yokohoma.

For the first time, red bricks.

Laid back cafe.

We talked about a various things,
Recently, I'm always thinking.
But such matters, in the end,
The basic parts, hasn't changed since kindergarten.
When I want to be a person who stands on stage
it's always the same since the day I wished for it the first time

In the present in which I found that way
"I wonder what I can do with myself?"
I said it like that.
Around the clock I think about the band.
I have that kind of feeling. Once I noticed it.

I also went to Chinatown.
The first time I went by myself.
As a result of the colours of the town,
Like being a awakened a litlle, my heart filled with wonder.

And a desert which is not as sweet as it appears

Although I'm not sure what,
I think I want to make something.
To see things I've never seen before
To go to places I've never been
To be moved, to cry, to enjoy, to laugh,
To have things go badly, to feel down,
To glitter, to be nervous.

I wonder what can I do with myself today?


2012-07-02 21:34:18

Credit to macdyne73 at SH for translate.