Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The path to the wizard

We're continuing to cultivate the album.

While making it,
"This is the number of songs I want to put in."
A thing that we've been able to imagine clearly
Will the same band really play this live?" haha
It's something that's cool, that'll blow you away, and that's funny.
The title of the song is also interesting.
We wanted to make a certain kind of album.

And, while saying this, what should we do when it gets sloppy. haha
Since it's still unfinished,
We're progressing without taking out care and spirit♪
I think of everyone and play the drums.

What am I talking about.


Ah, yesterday

I practiced.


Bent a spoon.

I can't put it back.

The studio's spoon.

Please don't be mad. I'm sorry.



「From 7/20(Fri.) 8/31(Fri.)
SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku will be open!!」

☆In commemoration of its opening,
SCANDAL SHOP Blog」 has been established!

2012-07-25 19:07:00 

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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