Tuesday, July 31, 2012



It's summer isn't it.
July also ends today.
Finally we enter August, my season! Haha..

The other day, when we appeared on HIGHER GROUND in Fukuoka
there were chilled tomatoes from catering!

For this season, of course it's tomatoes!
And cucumbers!
Eating them with salt is the best!
Kuuuu ー(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

This summer there are lots of shows still to come so, everyone let's meet often ★

Well, tomorrow we're back to recording again
While thinking of song lyrics.....
I'm looking forward to it!

Later ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

「From 7/20(Fri.)~8/31(Fri.)
SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku is now open!!」

☆In commemoration of its opening,
「SCANDAL SHOP Blog」 has been established! 

2012-07-31 22:32:25

Credit to macdyne73 at SH for translate.

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