Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Way To Spend The First Day

Today, we're recording.
Ah, in the end we made another fun song. The lyrics is amazingly great.
It made me want to hear each and every song immediately.

Then, we've thought about the songs order in the album.
We're so excited. It'd be awesome.
I love this album more than ever.
Of course, the ambience of album cover also describe the contents of the album itself.
But I always still felt and wondering why our time to reach everyone is getting shorter everyday.
And we're getting nervous due to that.


Our staff, who happened to passing by near the studio, 
specially came along to gave their pledge to us♪
I felt the love.
Thank you ! Yeah!

We're also doing lots of stuff during the break of recording♪

And in less than no time, that's it for today.


「From 7/20(Friday)~ 8/31(Friday)
SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku will be open!!」

☆In commemoration of its opening,
SCANDAL SHOP Blog」 has been established!

2012-08-01 20:43:52

Credit to jigoku79 at SH for translate.

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