Monday, August 06, 2012


We come to Okinawa!
There's a typhoon!←

7!! called us, and it's first SCANDAL live show in Okinawa.
We were planned to perform yesterday, but due to typhoon effect,
the schedule changed, the venue will open today at 17:30, and the show start at 18:30.
The time that various people had, the pounding excitement, but too bad it's all became a mess..
We're so sorry.
To everyone who able to come to our live today, let's beat the typhoon away!!
And to everyone who live in the region, please be careful,
cause the wind is still strong!

Yess, today's live is gonna be a fine live!!
We looking forward to it♪


「From 7/20(Friday)~ 8/31(Friday)
SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku will be open!!」

☆In commemoration of its opening,
SCANDAL SHOP Blog」 has been established!

2012-08-06 10:43:21

Credit to jigoku79 at SH for translate.

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