Friday, August 17, 2012

Once Again

We're in Fukuoka!

We're had a TV recording at KBC from morning,
The makeup person also arrived.
Commercials and TV programs, we recorded various things.
Without pause,
We had the honour of doing a great many appearances for Fukuoka's TV scene.
Watching the TV in the dressing room,
We were shown on it again for an hour . So surprising.
I'm really happy.

We're stiring up Fukuoka more and more.
Everyone, come to the tour ok?

Then and now for the four of us time flies quickly

And then,
In the evening we went to a small party at the home of our staff with whom we are always indebted to.

We ate a lot of home cooked food.
Prepared with skills that will put a pro to shame, it was delicious. Kyaa.!
We had so much fun!

Me and Haruna's birthday cake!
An amazing combination of tart and peaches.

Well, tomorrow is the live broadcast from Canal City, live music perfomance!
The exact time of our turn is kind of like a secret but
it's roughly in the afternoon.
From our unique weather forecast, it's going to be an umbrella mark hour.
People who nearby, try to gather round ok?
We'll be waiting for you!


原宿にSCANDAL SHOPオープン中!!」


2012-08-17 22:09:33

Credit to macdyne73 at SH for translate.

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