Friday, August 17, 2012

A flash of 20


RINA ya de!


Yesterday I went to get a massage.
I fell sound asleep so I don't know if I really did get a massage or not,
But my body did feel lighter♪
I'll do my best again from today! Yepー

What has everyone been doing for obon vacation?
We're doing the same as usual.
A crowd of people that match the streets of Tokyo was somehow a feeling of being broke.
I wonder if everyone's returning HOME.

I too, as soon as possible,
Want to go back home.
To Nara, where everyone precious to me lives.
My little brother who was just born this April,
Who I've been separated from and haven't been able to meet even once since I turned 20, and the things I want to talk about with everyone in the house have increased. I have a feeling.

Speaking of which,
Something occured to me tonight.
Or rather I was struck with the idea,
"It's not like this!"
An idea that's like me.
There's still much more fun to come this month.

Who I want to meet on a special day,
Is, of course, no one else but you guys.


2012-08-17 08:13:36

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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  1. Glad ur doing well rina ;) my summer's going great! Meeting with friends, cousins, and having fun.u should do more blogs =) tell the whole band I said hi.congrats on ur little brother!!! Dang, ur older than me.. only by a few months... I turn 20 this october. =D -saad


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