Monday, July 16, 2012


Bandoyarouyo! Vol.3
Thank you to all who rushed to Shibuya AX from all over the place!

At this time all the entertainers became one team,
Or should I say became a medley, became a special one man.
As such, we brought on a show without breaks or diversion.

Drum sets from 4 bands lined up side by side,

Amps and effects of all kinds spread all over,

The stage divided in halves,
and bands from each sides played alternately from one side to the other.
Throwing out killer tunes. 
Bands with different colors, characters, and performances playing without pause,
pressing and influencing everyone
from their own angles,
with their own expressions.

The last one is SCADALPONY.
After a long time, twin drums.
Absolutely without a doubt we did the best.

Bandoyarou! Set off by everyone and their swinging towels. Again, it was too much fun.
Was the appeal of the different bands felt?
Were newly liked songs heard?
Did you think "Girl bands are definitely the best"?

"I'm glad to be in a band",
I thought.

After the show,
There was a rough uchiage under AX!

Beloved fans were also there. Lol

To all the bands who gathered today, thank you.
More and more great circle of friends and happiness.
After doing this unique event,
Although it's impossible to say much, let's make a new show together, let's enjoy it, it was good.
It was an awesome performance.
Many thanks!

Thanks also to the staff.
Because of immense and great effort
Thanks to their support we could have peace of mind.
Best regards always!

Anyway tonight.
I realized that there are a lot of things left us girls bands can still do.**
I want to turn those crazy ideas we have into reality and show it to everyone.***
It was really fun,
From this, I want to make the SCANDAL organized BandoYarouYo! event progress more and more.
I wonder what to do next.


Ah, it was cool.

While I'm immersed in the afterglow and reading fan letters, goodnight.


[From 7/20(Friday) SCANDAL SHOP in Harajuku OPENs]

To commemorate the opening, [SCANDAL SHOP Blog] is started


2012-07-16 22:52:03
Credit to macdyne73, thoseguiltyeyes and ganstream1 at SH for translate.

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