Monday, July 09, 2012

Necessities A.B

At NHK Hall,
We did a public recording for Music Japanー!

We did a performance
Of Taiyou Scandalous.

Starting tomorrow the CD will already be in stores!
There are many people who have heard it at lives, but listening to it on the CD is great♪
Background chatter-like voices between melodies stirred up the fun. haha
My voice is in it too.
Can you tell where?

This a work of our self-confidence.
Presently it's being used as the TV commericial song for stylee sparkling, a drink from ITO EN that's now on sale♪

It's being broadcast all over the country!
Have you guys already seen the commercial?
"I saw itー!" I'm happy that we've received so many tweets like that.

The fine carbonate with a hint of ginger lemon spreads out and makes it quite easy to drink!
It's easier to drink it than imagining that!
People who dislike carbonic acid too could challenge this, but it doesn't have the stimulation of carbonate unpleasantness.

Moreover, by just drinking one once a day, you can say bye bye to neutral fat,
It's a good drink for beauty, health, and a change of pace.
This is great instead of doing a diet you can't get used to.
Make yourself wonderful this season.


2012-07-09 21:51:42 

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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