Monday, August 13, 2012

Girls rock

Everyone who gathered at Shibuya AX,
Thank you.
I was glad to meet those who will always love girls rock.
There were people who came from all overー.
I hope the people who came from far away returned home safely.

Today we were the last band to go on.
We were able to bring a rocking and HAPPY close to the show.

For the encore,
We did Genkai LOVERS with Terada-neesan and Asakura-san,
And we played Rock 'N' Roll Widow with all the drum sets.
It was very intense.

Recently, the opportunities to play songs together with many different people have increased, and that makes me very motivated, makes me stronger, and it helps me. It makes me very happy.

Many ideas are being swiftly decided and going into effect, and
I've been devoting my best to them.
I'm glad we did all of them.

As for me,
When playing drums, the first thing I hear in a song is not the bass nor the guitar.
Monitors also make it like so.
That's why in the past I was reluctant to change vocals or add things. That easy-to-sing beat resounded and really made me feel uneasy.

But tonight I became aware of the me who wasn't worrying and was enjoying myself.
Collaborations and covers really are special and make your heart throb. As always.
Because drums are very important.

When everything was over,
I felt slightly relieved and thought "I love livesー"; I didn't want to say bye to everyoneー. haha

a-nation musicweek ROCK NATION


It was wonderful.


2012-08-13 00:40:00

Credit to thoseguiltyeyes at SH for translate.

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